Saturday, 21 November 2015


This week has been a pretty volatile and tough week that our group experience. We managed to spot 3 stocks with notable gains such as CITYNEON, IX BIOPHARMA and JUMBO.
The uncertainty whether the FED decides to hike interest rate has been causing a concern for the GLOBAL Markets. In this week, WallStreet rallied strongly after the FED MINUTES giving hints that December Interest Rate seem to be a highly likely scenario given stronger economic data. With all this dark-cloud uncertainty going off, the market seem like regaining its strong footing rallying above the 17800 for the DOW, 5100 for the NASDAQ and 2080 for the S&P 500. Given Friday strong closing, we are looking forward to a strong PRE-CHRISTMAS STOCK Market Rally.
For the STI, there seem to be positive momentum for it to trade towards 2950 in the week ahead. Our key pick will be on high momentum stock with M&A possibility and penny rotation. Stay Tune to our Live Education Alert as we look to tackle the difficulties of trading in this current market environment.

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