Thursday, 15 October 2015


With no rate hike in place till 2016, the GLOBAL MARKET has been rallying strongly since the low hit on 2 OCT 2015. Today the market is clearly showing sign of a SUPER BULL rally seen in most of the BLUE CHIPS, MID-CAP and PENNY STOCKS.  We see great opportunity to PROFIT HUGELY in the today CURRENT MARKET Environment with many stocks trading at very low VALUATION.

In the past few WEEKS, we witnessed many COUNTERS(STOCKS) that experience once in a life-time trading opportunity at 52weeks LOW. We have managed to ride some of the counters during that period and in the COMING WEEK, picking the STRONG COUNTERS will be the way to RIDE WINNERS. Of course at some period, we may see some correction in the market but rest assured that it will be a healthy retracement. These retracement will be an opportunity to GRAB those STRONG COUNTERS which perform strongly. We see that 2016 will be a PRESIDENTIAL YEAR for AMERICA OBAMA and the FED will be very careful in its 1ST INTEREST RATE HIKE. The end of year BULL MARKET will RUN TILL MID-DECEMBER.

We will be UPDATING OUR CALL TRACKER SHEET on a MONTHLY BASIS to be fair to our existing USERS.

For those who have yet to JOIN the SGXWINNER family LIVE EDUCATION ALERT, an opportunity will be yours at $188 per month. Always $188 forever unless any CACNCELATION. COME PROFIT ALONGSIDE WITH OUR TEAM OF SNIPER


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