Saturday, 23 May 2015


 HONGKONG SHENZHEN and SHANGHAI has been on the MULTI-YEAR BULL RUN on Friday 22 MAY 2015. Money has been pouring into HK and China on high expectations that the 18 MONTHS BULL RUN in CHINA will continue, with the SHENZHEN connect with HK to come live in Middle of 3Q-4Q, people have been buying shares in HK-CHINA markets. A last check on the FUTURE markets of the HSI and SSE, both indices are climbing higher.
In SINGAPORE, Valuations of listed companies are lower than peers listed in HK and CHINA. SGX has taken the right steps at this weekend’s My First Stock Carnival continues to target new retail investors who are keen to start their investing journey.  The investment carnival is also relevant for current investors who wish to learn more about the products available should they be keen to diversify their investment portfolio. The carnival retains its hands-on approach to guiding what SGX terms the ‘NIBI’s (Not Invested But Interested) on basic information on investing, setting investment goals and selecting what to invest in. Hopefully, this would boost market sentiment in the coming weeks.

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