Sunday, 29 March 2015


For the week ahead 30th MARCH to 3rd April 2015, the turning point for the Straits Times Index to test the 3455(resistance). The 3455 level was last seen on 22th MAY 2013. Voume Traded on the Singapore Stock Market has been encouraging hitting a high of 1600m versus a low of 965m on MONDAY. As everyone know that the performance of the STRAITS TIMES INDEX has been underperforming many of major indices(US, Europe and Asia-PAC). Many of us know that BLUE CHIPS Companies has plenty of hedge funds manager support while as many low-priced PENNY has been suffering from the GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS(2008-9). This week increased in TRADING VOLUME of 1600m shows that RETAILERS have been pouring in MONEY-FLOW into PENNY selective counters. The market has since overcome the impact of the SGX MTP 20cents rule fear. With the strong stock market momentum coming back, we have alerted many different type of stock which show STRONG POTENTIAL to rally further. Always Keep in Track the STOP-LOSS functions and let PROFIT RUN in this BULL MARKET.

    The Chart show the PERFORMANCE OF STI (from 2008 to 2015)

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