Wednesday, 7 January 2015

missing secret stock to rise on Thursday Jan 8 2014

Singapore blue chips stock have been falling in line with global market crashing on fear of lower crude oil price. But one bright spot is the CHINA SHANGHAI Stock Exchange rallying to record high of potential stimulus from CHINA to spur economic growth(POTENTIAL $1TRILLION in INFRASTRUTURE spending). We managed to catch some of the S-CHIPS rally as well as PENNY rally such as LIONGOLD,SWING MEDIA and STARPHARM. More Penny stocks to come in JAN to FEB 2014 as SGX has many low-priced stock which need to be improved further. We look forward to finding another potential one soon! For those who have missed the PENNY RALLY , not to worry that there are more for everyone to grab a slice of the pizza! So come JOIN SGXWINNER LIVE EDUCATION ALERT!


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