Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Educational Alerts Price will be increase to S$188 per month from August onwards

Our offer at S$88 per month will be over by July end
Those existing subscriber will still enjoy the S$88 per month after July (forever)
Once our offer is up we will not entertain any discount
Come and experience our perfect and precise call!

Free email consultation on stocks counters
Lives SMS alerts on potential counters
Special discount for one to one course teachings

Recent excellent calls (week 1 July 2014)
-Vallianz entry .137 high .144 (2 days contra period)
-Pne Micron entry .035 high .055 (2 days contra period)
-Compact Metal entry .04 high .054 (3 days contra period)
-Ellipsz entry .106 high .111 (intraday)
-Kim Heng entry .26 high .28 (intraday)

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