Thursday, 17 July 2014

more stocks awaiting

the market have been trending higher as of late and many stocks are experiencing breakup
for those who are interested in our educational alerts on how we trade counters
one can sign up at a promotional rate of S$88 per month

Jaya entry .047 High .083
Sinoconstruction  entry .26 High .275 (intraday)
Ems entry .066 High .071

alerts will be given out so that our educational alerts members can profited greatly from the call

From today onward Thursday 17 July 2014 we will have 25 seats available for new students who want to join our educational alerts. 
After the seats are being filled up, we will stop promoting our educational alerts to members of public and focus on our existing educational alerts members.

So do hurry and sign up and educational alerts memberships will stop once the 25 seats are fill up!

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