Wednesday, 30 July 2014

last day

SGXWINNER educational alerts promotion will last until end July 2014
Promotional price at S$88 per month forever if you join before August 2014
(U.P.)S$188 per month

Q. So what do we cover in our educational alerts?
A. We mainly cover pennies counters which have potential to be explosives in terms of their movements ;recent example will be Jaya and China Fibertech and many more.

Q. What about the time frame?
A. We are purely contra players and thus would hope that the counter would be able to hit target price within 5 days of our entry.

Q. Why join our educational alerts?
A. Our primarily objective is to educate members of public on how to read the proper set up when buying the stock counters. Those that have query can email us on how do we do the proper set up and thus would be able to understand and achieve higher probability winning rates.

Q. Why join before August 2014?
A. Our usual price is S$188 per month however due to our 3 year anniversary we are doing a special one off promotion at S$88 per month forever. It means that even after July end one would still be able to maintain the S$88 per month membership fees even though the price would have increase to S$188 per month.

Q. How do we sign up for the S$88 per month forever educational alerts?
A. One just need to need to click on the PayPal link on the top left of our blog and email us when u have finish processing the payment and your hand-phone number will be in our system.

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