Monday, 31 March 2014


With the Straits Times Index(STI) rallying for 1 week and including Monday, the INDEX has rally more than 100+ points. It is a only blue-chips show but the rest of the market may soon benefit from the strong market sentiment. We believe that second liners especially super low-priced penny stocks will be next in play. Why do SUPER LOW-PRICED PENNY STOCKS are so sought after? the worst is over and RTO MERGER ACQUISTIONS could boost this rock bottom cheap priced PENNY STOCKS. We liked SUPER LOW- PRICED PENNY companies with exposure to SOUTH EASTASIA region such as commodity, telecom and aerospace.

For those who have yet to join our live education alert, do not wait further as we want everyone to profit alongside with our traders here at SGXWINNER. For more information : do email us at

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