Thursday, 13 March 2014


Since a lot of new traders are joining the website I will be hosting webinars.
I will be sharing my screen and teaching and viewers will be able to ask questions in the webinar chatroom.

I will go over basics, and teach how to maximize on your gains and cut losses short at the same time. I will also go over many aspects of day trading and share my screen to teach how to use professional platforms and place trades, and I will be able to answer your questions best of my knowledge.

I want to help everyone succeed and avoid mistakes that I have made during my learning phase. This webinar service is for beginners that don’t know how to day trade or for people who want to improve their trading.

During the webinar you will be able to ask question on the webinar chatroom for me to answer while viewing my screen.

Live Online Stock Market Webinar - I will send you an invitation with a link to your EMAIL ADRESS or MOBILE. It will take you the page(picture below). IPHONE IPAD USERS PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE APPs from APPLE STORE.

Sorry but I can not do this for free. My time is valuable to me so I must charge a fee for this service. If you have simple questions, you can ask on this website or email me at

                                        EXAMPLE -  LIVE WEBINAR

$200 for a (1 hour) session 1 on 1

MONDAY - FRIDAY (9am - 5pm). Please tell me when you are free to learn how to TRADE. Timing can be arranged.

I teach Day Trading only, No long term investments.


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