Friday, 3 January 2014


It's a New Year with day 1 of trading. In our last few SMS alerts, we mentioned that W CORP will start with a  big bang and today was just classical instant results!! Yesterday night, we sms to our students that WCORP will run
Indeed talk is cheap and thus the results show we walk the talk! WCORP rally with price rising near 10 percent. Those who went long made money, congrats!

To give a call is easy, but to give a precision call is tough of the toughest and to being a dark house to the front with price rising? You think about it. We just celebrated new year yesterday and today being the first day of trading with $$ in the pocket?? Oh my, it's a auspicious start of the year! The hardest part of this call was to make a correct prediction/speculation since no market was opened yet and to add a little dimension to SGXWINNER speculation skills.

Attached is the sms alerts we send to our students on the night way before market open the next day! We in SGXWINNER attached our trading records to show that we buy together with our students. Indeed 10k profit is a motivation for us and we believe if we SGXWINNER can do it so can you!

Before that we also mention about Oceanus when the price is trading at .019 with no volume being done! How do we even know that Oceanus will soon be active and rise exponentially even without volume being traded! We believe that we have indeed decifer the art of decting stocks before breaking out and thus we hope that viewers can learn with us and together conquer the market! To those who are earnestly willing to learn from SGXWINNER we provide a one to one course where there is personal interactions with our trader! 


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