Sunday, 15 September 2013


Market rallies around the world this week. Good news coming from China recovery with better than expected economic data and Syria Tension Ease. Next week FOMC will be the key to set the direction for the market. We shall continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds. FED will be under pressured on the reduced QE coming on the next FOMC meeting on 17 September.

Straits Times Index look set to rally higher towards 3200 level. SgxWinner will be positioning on some cyclical stocks such as palm oil, construction, electronics and penny.

Stock to watch out for next week:

                                          OUR TARGET                                        CATALYSTS
1) GOLDEN AGRI             ($0.57)                           PALM OIL TO RISE ON CHINA + DATAS

2) KENCANAAGRI           ($0.27)                             PALM OIL TO RISE ON CHINA + DATAS

3) DATAPULSE                 ($0.33)                                 DIVIDENDS OF $0.055($0.02+$0.035        
                                                                                     (CapitalReduction); Diversifying into Property
                                                                                                  Trading Business

4) SERIAL SYSTEM         ($0.15)                                        DIVIDEND YIELD OF 7-8%
                                                                                             (Based on Interim Results)1Q-$0.003;

5)  CSC HOLDING           ($0.165)                             CLINCH CHANGI T4 WORKS; LOOK
                                                                           FORWARD TO ISKANDER MALAYSIA GROWTH

6) THAKRAL                    ($0.035)                                     PENNY THEME PLAYS

7) TELEDATA                   ($0.015)                                     PENNY THEME PLAYS

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