Wednesday, 21 August 2013


The Straits Times Index has been dropping since touching 3250. It has since corrected 120+points to 3129. Going forward, trading may be choppy and please trade with tight stop-loss. This is the best way to preserve our capital and win at the right moment. SgxWinner will be looking on the sideline monitoring the market.

Recap our investment on VALUETRONICS, SgxWinner has since collected the HKD $0.08($0.0131) dividends last week. Despite the market correcting, VALUETRONICS has been trading at a good shape at $0.21. We like to emphasise that it is being resilient and defensive in a sense that the stock is performing strongly and looking for a strong breakout. Our target price for VALUETRONICS will be $0.265 for 2013.  

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