Friday, 26 July 2013


SgxWinner focused on trading penny stocks have paid off greatly. We spotted many penny stocks near the breakout point. Many of our students and graduates have make great handsome profit as well.

Let us recap on what take place in the week.

For MONDAY, PENGUIN rally from ($0.09 to $0.095/6), Longcheer rally from ($0.175 to $0.195).

For TUESDAY, GMG rally from ($0.105 to $0.109/0.11).

For WEDNESDAY, GMG rally further from ($0.109 to $0.112); Longcheer rally further from ($0.19-$0.21); Z-Obee rally from ($0.121 to $0.129); Globa rally from ($0.01 to $0.012).

For THURSDAY, Foreland rally from ($0.042 to $0.047).

For FRIDAY, Z-Obee rally further from ($0.129 to $0.145), VibroPower rally from ($0.051 to $0.058)

Many penny stocks still have the opportunity to rally further. We are focusing on the alert given out to our students and graduates this afternoon as we believe the timing is right for the breakout to occur next week. Stay tune to SgxWinner as we unfold great trading opportunity to profit from greatly as penny stocks rotates around. Trading pennies stock requires great determination, risk-capital, swift and strong mind focus.

For all who have yet to join our SgxWinner Webinar Course, do step forward and join us to start receive the special alerts given to our students and graduates. Our alerts cater to all level of trading and investment and profitable trade within contra periods.

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