Saturday, 27 July 2013


Wall Street stage a remarkable performance on Friday. Dow Jones open slightly lower and crash 150+ point at around 11pm(SG TIME) before rallying back to close up 3 points to 15,559. All this is mirror in the Nasdaq Index as well as the S & P 500  Index. SgxWinner sees that the FED chief has been constantly pumping in money to shore up the economy and confidence is emerging as seen in the USA markets. Many investors or retailers who missed the magnificent summer rally has been accumulating stocks on the dips that lead to the major three indices finishing the session higher. SgxWinner predicts that the DOW may trade towards the milestone 16,000 mark.

So what will be expecting in the Straits Times Index for the week 29 JULY 2013 to 2 AUGUST 2013? SgxWinner see the market being flat to positive in the coming week. Key elements to take note of : Singapore NATIONAL DAY 8 AUGUST is coming. Will there be a national day rally in stocks seen in many years?

Let us recap what happen in the TOP VOLUME 30 on Friday. Penny stocks like AEM (9.4cents to 11.5cents),AddvalTech (8.4cents to 9.0cents) and MemStarT( 9.4cents to 10cents). These shows that the BIG BOYS or the players have been attracted to the 9cents-10cents category of penny stocks. Without much doubt, we can see a rotation in the above penny stocks that rally in Friday session at different timings. SgxWinner expects the 9-10cents penny stocks with decent bid-ask to be sizzling hot. Next week, SgxWinner hopes to exploit great trading opportunity. For those who have yet to join our online webinar or be our students to get the special alerts, do join us and profit alongside with the Trading Family.

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