Sunday, 21 July 2013

Charting like you never seen before!

To students and graduates who are interested in joining the SgxWinner August Webinar.

We will teach students how to interpret the chart like never seen before!! It is like an art which shows different view when seen in different angle!

The first part of the webinar will cover basic TA skills but the second part will cover interesting things that one may never yet notice before. Our methodoly is to teach students to understand the simplicity of chart reading and master it with essential skills that no one thought that is important initially. By viewing the chart with a different angle and understanding the simplicity of our techniques will lead one to great profits.

Our goal now is to teach and guide students to create wealth out of thin air by trading the market with the precise timing using our methodology. Graduates should be able to profit by listening to our webinar and learning our lives trades setup.

From now onwards, all trades will be posted on the top right hand corner of our blog. It is to encourage viewers of our blog that earning money is possible in the local Singapore stock market. At SgxWinner, we support our local Singapore market together with the Singapore Exchange(Sgx) greatly.

As our logo suggest, we want everyone who visited the blog to take up our course within your own means. At SgxWinner, we aim to strive by educating our viewers to trade properly and to win in their traders. Existing graduates who refer new students to us will be given an $100 rebate for their loyalty and most important to be given a chance to be part of sgxwinner personal watsapp group!!


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