Thursday, 27 June 2013


During our online webinar, we told our students to watch 2 stocks OKH GLOBAL and SEEHUPSENG this week. OKH GLOBAL turned out to be a winner rising 8.33% or $0.03 to $0.39. Come join us in our next webinar in JULY and we will share with our students the next winning punts.


The Straits Times Index rally again today on further evidence that the FED will not taper the QE too quick on weak US GDP data. We have long blue-chips since wednesday and reaping the benefits of the rally. Watch out for more trading opportunity to come.
We would like to share with the public 1 counter worth waiting for the dividends is VALUETRONICS. The counter is on Cum Dividend with HK$0.08 equal to about SG$0.013(x .1635), a yield of 6.3%. Most of the people may not notice that the counter is trading at Price x Earnings (PE ratio) of 3.88x which made the stock an acquistion potential given its cheap valuation.

ASIATIC UP 7% at $0.107

We have spotted 1 winner today which is ASIATIC. Most of our students may have benefited from this counter.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Wall street rally again in spite of disappointing GDP update. We view this as a great trading opportunity that more quantitative easing will come if the economy do not improve further.


Today the market is looking better after yesterday solid performance in Wall Street. However, the STI is trading in a tight range of 3092 to 3118 and trying to trade above 3100 despite some selling pressure seen currently. The Hang Seng Index is clearly a outpeform in today Asia Rally, up nearly 300+ points. SgxWinner today is looking to buy into property counters with signifcant value that have not rally yet.



Tuesday, 25 June 2013


With the increased volatility in global markets, markets face big swing up and down. Today we seen the Shanghai dropping more than 6% at one stage and recovering towards the closing bells. Dow Futures have been affected by the slump in the Chinese markets on policy cash crunch which is view as seasonal effect. " A People’s Bank of China official said on Tuesday that the central bank will guide interest rates to a “reasonable range”, suggesting a potential end to a cash crunch that has gripped the country’s financial system this month. " The global markets shall continue to recover and rally will come back eventually. SgxWinner will be watching how Wall Street perform and look out for further great buying opportunity tomorrow.


SgxWinner posted our view on that the Straits Times will recover its massive losses at around 1.21pm. Indeed the STI rally up to close at 3089.93. We feel that the market have found a bottom at 3066 which is view as a strong support.

Today one of our counter we spotted, A-SONIC performed well and closed at $0.064. It should be able to test the all-time high resistance at $0.068 this week, once cleared $0.068, it would rally all the way up to $0.088.

STRAITS TIMES INDEX 3089.93 +15.62

A-SONIC $0.064 +0.003


SgxWinner is very confidence today that we took a small punt on the HSI Call Warrant that the market will recover from it massive losses. For the next few trading sessions, we expects the market to rise. Options is an derivative instruments which is risky and have time decay(Depending on risk preference). Come join our SgxWinner Webinar and profit with us along with new ideas and strategies.


Market look set to recover from it massive losses in the afternoon sessions. We will update later.

Monday, 24 June 2013


On Friday Wall Street trading session, major US indices turn in modest gains. However, the Straits Times Index  has broken it key support at 3100 and has led it lower. The next support should be noted at 3088 as seen in the 1 MIN chart shown below. We would continue to monitor the index.

Sunday, 23 June 2013


SGXWINNER's July Online Webinar Course is now available for all to join. 
It is charged at $888 for a 4 hours intensive online webinar course.

DATE: 21 JULY 2013, Sunday
Time: 1300 to 1700 SINGAPORE

The online webinar course will cover basic TA pattern and with focus of PRICE PATTERN AND TIME format. Case study will be presented in the webinar for easy reference and there will also be a QnA session. Presentation slides will be presented in PDF file to allow students  for easy referencing. After attending the webinar students will be able to identify when and where to buy and sell prices with ease!!

Free live sms alerts till the end of year 2013 will only be carter to online webinar students and thus it will be more of a personal touch!!
Free refresher course for graduates who have joined previously!!!
Free personal email education on counters that graduates are interested in!!
Free updated course materials to be given at the end of the webinar course !!!
Most important improvement in skills in trading using our own methodology techniques !! 

Payment of the course will be done through a bank transfer.


SgxWinner would like thank our students, graduates and feedback for today webinar.


SGXWINNER WEBINAR online monthly course

SgxWinner will be holding our online webinar course today at 1pm. We have make great preparations on it. All previous graduates and current students are free to join as a gift from
Us!! An acess link and pw  is given to all graduates and current students. Please check your sms for the given pw!!!
Rmb to log in by 1pm as we are starting the webinar on time !!


Friday, 21 June 2013


It has been a volatile week for stock markets around the world. The Straits Times Index finish the trading session with a loss of 8.81points to 3124. For the week, the STI tumble 37points or 1.1% from 3161(Last closing 14 June 2013). At current levels, the STI still has found a strong support at 3100 and next week should be a great trading opportunity.

Straits Times Index 3124.45 (-8.81 or -0.28%)

SgxWinner has identified 1 great potential penny stock trading with great potential to rally further next week. As seen in the charts below, ChinaFibreTech has been forming 3 bullish white candlesticks on 3 consecutive days. It has been trading higher despite the overall negative market sentiment. ChinaFibreTech look set to test it all time high resistance of $0.063 seen in 14 February 2012. Once this level is breached, the rally will continue further towards 10cents at a later stage.

ChinaFibreTech $0.054 (+0.005 or + 10.20%)

PNE MICRON CLOSED AT $0.044 + 15.80%

SgxWinner picks on PNE MICRON closed at $0.044 a gain of 15.80% despite the wall street crashing and overall local market in negative territory.


SgxWinner spotted PNE MICRON at $0.04 and inform our students about the breakout action. We have since sold it at $0.042 to secure our profit in this bearish downtrend market. It is great to be able to make some profit in this type trading environment. Only students who attend our SgxWinner Webinar will be getting this benefits. (Updating at Closing).



Wednesday, 19 June 2013


SgxWinner spotted China FibreTech at $0.047 and inform our students. Most of them should have profited on it by now and can even look forward to sell even higher tommorow.

SgxWinner will be watching at DAPAI ($0.029) tommorow on S-CHIPS rally. From the chart, DAPAI has been on accumulation mode from 17 April 2013 to 19 June 2013($0.026 support to $0.029 resistance).

CHINAFIBRETECH $0.052 (+23.8%)

DAIPAI $0.029 (+7.41%)


It has been an exciting week for the stock market in Singapore. Our team of trainers have been actively researching on potential rebounce stock and breakout penny stocks(Our favourite).
The Straits Times Index has rallied for 3 days and today the market corrected naturally on the fact that the USA Federal Open Market Committee(FOMC) will be announced at 2AM( 20 JUNE 2013 SINGAPORE TIME). Our focus at SgxWinner will be to buy on Penny Plays Theme which is expected to be sizzling hot once market player begin to look for alternative after cashing in their profit on heavyweighted BLUE-CHIPS.


SgxWinner have sold off HEALTHWAY AT $0.085. We are very pleased to announce that most of our students have beneifited from it. More winner to come at SgxWinner.

Monday, 17 June 2013


The Straits Time Index closed up on Friday near the high of the day. This shows that that the market will recover on Monday despite Wall Street retreating on Friday US TIME. Today the Straits Time Index open lower and continue to trade in positive territory.

SgxWinner will be looking to buy on RTO GOLD commodities stock. We read a report that Obama adminstrative have been supplying arms to the Syrian Rebels.( In times of WAR, the commodities value of GOLD will rally). We bought CACOLA $0.032 today immediately without further hesitation. CACOLA is in the midst of the REVERSE TAKE-OVER of a GOLDMINE.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

New alerts for next week

I stocks for the week!!

S stocks for the weak!!

Monday our s stocks call on seehs didnt perform as expected
However friday our s stocks call on sinamars rallied 8 percent and hit tgt px
We will contiune to excel in our education service provided!

Friday, 14 June 2013


SgxWinner has took profit on SINARMAS at $0.755 and it has been an great boost to end the trading week.

Monday, 10 June 2013


Market conditions is peril as many has lost in the recent penny selldown!! However one counter stood green and it is still on the way to its explosive movement ! We will send an alert to all pass premium members about the secrete stocks to help them recover their lost. This is a one time event to allow past premium members to profit from the selldown!!
We still cherish our past premium members and hope that with this counter they can profit back from the market !! An alert is send to all pass premium members for them to analysis this counter overnight!!
Take note of the disclaimer and vested interest applies

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Live sms alerts to students will be given out free till end of yr!!

To webinar students
The 3 month free live sms alerts will be given out free till end of the year 2013 instead of the usual 3 months period!! This is to reward our students who supported us !!!

another secrete call going to be given out next week!!!!

We have spotted another secrete call and will be giving out free to those who are interested in joining the online webinar!!!
The SECRETE stock start with the letter S.
We believe the stocks will rise up huge in terms of percentage!
To those who are interested in knowing what is the counter take the 3 days free trial by emailing to us together with your hp.
Take the 3 days free sms alerts trail now and profit from it!!
To reward existing online webinar students they will receive the sms alerts on trade setup for free till end of the year 2013 instead of the usual 3 months!!

Friday, 7 June 2013

JEP OutPerform Broader Market

Our secret stock on Monday JEP has turn in a profit. We have since issued a reminder to remind everyone to take profit. JEP has been creeping up gradually despite STI dropping 100points since Monday. It is a trade that SgxWinner spotted before the breakout. Therefore if you are interested in knowing why JEP rose while the broader market is falling one can join the June webinar course and profit for life!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


SgxWinner is still holding on to JEP from our purchase on MONDAY 5 June 2013. We are confidence that JEP will be trading towards 4.5cents and 5.0cents in the near term.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

ausgroup foreland cph healthway yoma and many more to go!!

To those that have expressed interest in joining we hope that you have benefited the above call.
For those who have yet join the course but are interested in joining, we will give a 3 day free trial live sms trade setup. One can just email us with your hp stating your interest in joining the course and we will provide a 3 day free trial on our live sms trade setup. The live sms trade setup is only availabe for webinar students only. Continue to profit with us with this bull market !!!


SgxWinner noticed freightlinks at $0.099 this morning match and gap up. This is a bullish sign that the stock will rally past $0.10 on GAPS.  Vested interest at $0.097. Our Strategy : We will sell when it rally past $0.10.

Monday, 3 June 2013


SgxWinner feel JEP will run up on MONDAY on breakout past $0.043-$0.044. We will be watching for it.