Sunday, 19 May 2013


SGXWINNER's June Online Webinar Course is now available for all to join. It is charged at $888 for a 4 hours intensive online webinar course.

DATE: 23 JUNE 2013
Time: 1300 to 1700 SINGAPORE

The online webinar course will cover basic TA pattern and with focus of PRICE PATTERN AND TIME format. Case study will be presented in the webinar for easy reference and there will also be a QnA session. Presentation slides will be presented in PDF file for students to allow easy referencing.After attending the webinar students will be able to identify when and where to buy and sell prices!!

The 3 months free live sms alerts will only be carter to online webinar students and thus it will be more of a personal touch!!
Payment of the course will be done through a bank transfer.

Online recording link for May Webinar 2013:
Available only to online webinar students

For more information please email to

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