Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A List of trading setup is send to webinar students

We believe sgxwinner webinar studnets have greatly benefit from our trading setup on gmg and esp Newave and Yamada.
Newwave have rocketed 50 percent today and we have alerted our webinar students to buy at .015 during our course on last sunday. Many of our webinar students are impressed with our trading signal and we believe almost all our webinar students have covered their cost fee of $888 net!!!!
We are focused on helping our webinar students profit from this current bull market greatly as they are the one who supported sgxwinner without any doubts!!
Today we have send another trading list of set up to our webinar students and hope that this list can continue \to help them profit from this bull market. If one were still hesitating please do not miss anymore opportunity cost  and join this webinar course and ride yourself to the profit land. 

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