Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Overnight wall street market closed up to the record high again. The Dow Jones may be testing 15,000 points in the month of April. Technically by market statistics, the month of April is a good month for trading equity(stocks) and more good trading profits can be make.

SgxWinner will be focusing on penny stocks as well as M&A opportunity. We seen from the news that Breadtalk have attracted another group of THAI tycoon. Food stocks have been on the list of M&A by the market ever since the takeover saga of APB and F&N. Will breadtalk value propel others such as QAF which is their main supplier of f&b.

Penny stock which we see great potential was SCINTRONIX. We see the charts pointing to further upside as there is a strong influx of buying activity going on at 3cents and 3.1 cents. Do not be worry or disturb about the additional ^ at the end of SCINTRONIX stock name. As Scintronix market capitalisation is around 45m based on $1.513 BILLION total outstanding shares, it will be remove from the Singapore Exchange Watch list in due course.

We will likely see the STRAITS TIME INDEX(STI) trading towards the 3400 level target.

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