Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Wall street put on a good show yesterday night in anticipation of better financial report for listed company. It was the start of the earning season for Wall Street starting with aluminium giant ALCOA.

Today the local market STRAITS TIME INDEX rising about 20points to trade above the 3300 points at 3309 currently. Yesterday we pick SAIZEN REIT as a good investment opportunity due to the TOKYO central bank doing a big quantitative easing. It ran way above our investment horizon and we are happy that those who bought it could earn some money even before SAIZEN's dividend announcement.

For today trading environment or for long term investment, we see great opportunity in 1 counter known as OCEAN SKY international. It is paying a 2.4cents dividend for 2013 equal a yield of 12.4%. Where could you get 12.4% in our bank today?

For any enquiries, please contact us at : sgxwinner@gmail.com

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