Monday, 1 April 2013


It is APRIL FOOL DAY, 1st April 2013. Market is extending gains into the second quarter of 2013. What an amazing bull-run for the Straits Time Index in the year of snake. Can the market repeat the perfermance in the first quarter of 2013? Some market watchers would be cautious on the sell in may and go away strategy as seen in 2012 when the stock market drop in April-June period. We would remain cautious and look out for solid M&A plays such as NH CERAM and HU AN which i have mentioned on Thursday Morning and perform remarkable well.

Today penny stock would remain in plays as the uncertainity in Europe has capped the gain for the blue-chips index stocks. We would expects rotation into cheap micro penny such as COMPACT, LH GROUP and TOPGLOBAL. We are still confidence on the 20-30cents plays as long the support holds(one good example would be bundcenter and yongnam).

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