Friday, 22 February 2013


Today we saw a second down day in the DJI and HSI. The second day drop in the DJI and HSI confirms the short term peak in the market. This day came after markets are pushed to new high on Tuesday. This a quite bearish as many are trapped near the peak. The indexes had their biggest drop of 2013 in the past two days however the DJI managed to recover from its low on Thursday. Further downside is expected but it should pause near the 13600 level on the DJI. 

After that we are expected to see new all time highs on the DJI and HSI. Singapore's market will follow the leaders as it is always a laggard market. Therefore we expect a very bullish year seen in 2013. However after those new highs is reached this year, we should prepare for a collapse in the market by 2014. Therefore do made hay while the sun is still bright and visit our SGXWINNER blog to reap from the market this year and after next year we would advise all our viewers to be on a caution mode. 

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