Monday, 14 January 2013

gallant part 2

after mentioning from the previous post about gallant, it gapped up to .3 and faded away. well this move was kinda expected as gallant players forces retailers to buy high and cut low.
today it was traded at .29 with about 2m volume unchanged even though the market is going down.
what does this shows?
sgxwinner can only say that big players is strongly accumulating from retailers who are cutting lost when they bot at .3 three days ago ....
therefore sgxwinner is super bullish on gallant breaking up this time and clear .3 to hit their first tgt of .32
watch to belive the power of sgxwinner trades.!!!!!
remember the gap up and then drop of gallant when the RTO news came out on 18 december, now gallant is slowly inching up to the price level before the news , this can only tell that gallant big buyers are slowly buying up shares and we expect a big move in gallant soon!!!!

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